Value Ladders: Paving The Way Forward

By Tasnim Nazeer | Business

Mar 09


Value ladders are an innovative marketing tool to help accelerate your business and pave the way forward. If you are unaware of what a value ladder is and what it entails, read this article to find out more…

Value ladders enable businesses to structure a plan of action to appeal to your target audience in different phases of growth.

This smart tool enables you to have a competitive edge as it ensures that you have products and services available at your discretion to continue to cater for your clients as they grow with your business.

When you put your business plan together you may want to invest some time in creating your own value ladder at this point. If you already have an existing business you can still implement a value ladder in order to take your business forward.

It may be much easier to upsell to your current clients as part of the value you give to them to enable them to go up the ‘ladder’ in trying your other products or services.

You can use value ladders for products such as coaching, evergreen products, ebooks, workshops, websites and other digital or offline products.

A value ladder provides you with an invaluable way to scale your business offerings and ensure that you have appealing products or services for your target market at any stage of the business.

In order to create a value ladder, you need to think up different products that are priced from basic products or services to your higher paying premium products. This way you are building a ladder whereby your client can choose the best option for them and may scale to a higher paid product.

Clients go up the ladder once they value the first offer or service you give them and will be more inclined to experience more value through your products or services. You can create subscription based products or services based on 3 tiers or 3 packages such as bronze, silver or gold.

You may want to opt for individually priced packages set at different levels to cater for clients with varying needs.Think of how you can implement a value ladder into your business and create products and services that can cater for your target market and accelerate your business through the value you give back!

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