Strategic Team Management Tips

By Tasnim Nazeer | Entrepreneurs

Mar 11


Team management is all about working cooperatively, seamlessly and supporting your employees and fellow business partners. If you are managing a team you need a proper system in place to effectively ensure the smooth running of your business.

Below are a few pointers on how you can get your team together and manage them effectively. There are a few key details in ensuring that you and your team runs seamlessly together for one cause or goal.

You may have various managers within a business who are managing other employees or you may be managing a group of employees on your own.

Golden Tips for Team Management

Avoid making decisions about the company without consulting your partners or those you work closest with to inform them of the changes. It is not good leadership to throw changes on your team without informing them about the changes you wish to make.

You can actually hinder productivity by springing on new work loads, or changing routines without prior discussion with your team members.

Meetings, calls and emails play an important role in the communication amongst your team. If you can arrange a one to one conversation with your team or a meeting where you outline your plans and any concerns they may have this can be beneficial for your company.

System for Team Management

How do we manage teams on a daily, monthly and yearly basis? Try these tips:

  • Yearly meeting – This is where you talk about your long term strategy for the company
  • Quarterly Meeting- talk about the goals and what you can get out of the last few months and revisit every quarter and think of the overall strategy.
  • What needs to be adapted to align with the quarterly and yearly books
  • Monthly is a monthly review of the month’s alignment and review what is being done, what needs to be done

In the monthly meeting you could think about the run rate, projects of the week, projects of the month and quarterly projection

Think about roadblocks and what is stopping you achieving and think about Team Based Scrums (TBS)

Implement these tips for a better managed team so that you can accelerate your business to higher levels insha’Allah.

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