Marketing Gems: Utilising Squeeze Pages

By Tasnim Nazeer | Marketing

Mar 07



Squeeze pages, also known as landing page or “opt-in” page can be a lucrative platform for drawing in potential loyal customers.

It is a simple page consisting of a headline, sub-headline, benefits, image of your free gift and an opt in box.

Within a squeeze page you have to ensure that your headline is the most important component of your squeeze page. It has to be appealing, relevant and able to catch your reader’s attention at first glance. If you don’t catch them within the first few seconds then you could potentially lose your lead.

The sub-headline is meant to reinforce the message of your headline. It is usually smaller in font but bold enough to encapsulate the message of the headline further.

After the headlines comes the benefits. You have to demonstrate why your readers should give their precious information to you. The benefits should talk about what is offered in the free gift that you are giving them.

An image of your free gift such as an e-book or video cover will improve conversions, the percentage of people who sign up to your list, hence should be included in your landing page.

Finally, your opt in box comes last. You can get the code for your opt in box from your email autoresponder service. The opt in box usually consists of a call to action, name and email input box and a sign up button.

One of the commonly used call to actions would be “Get instant access” or “Download now” and these are CTAs that you can implement within your squeeze page.

Remember to test and  tweak your squeeze page to ensure maximum conversions and start utilising this effective marketing tool today!


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