Why Marketing Funnels Are Beneficial For Your Business

By Tasnim Nazeer | Business

Mar 09


A marketing funnel can help you to pave the way forward for your business and take clients through a number of different products and services that you have to offer. You can build funnels tailored to your target market and also create funnels to attract new clients or potential prospects.

With a marketing funnel report you can see the number of clients opting in for your products and services and those who are pulling out. This enables you track how many customers you are losing and how many you are gaining.

Within a funnel, you can track who has visited your site, who signed up for a trial, what products or services have been used and who upgraded or accepted an upsell from your business.

There are opportunities for improvement in every stage of your funnel which is why it is a lucrative investment of time to build one. Funnels occur everyday with customers and in the online world whereby tools such as Google Analytics can track and offer a funnel system for your business.

You can analyse data from Google Analytics about the statistics of how many people have visited your business website, viewed your products and services and took action and make improvements within your marketing plan.

You may want to indulge in some split testing, testing different copy and images so that you can see which landing page works best. You can customise colours, themes and other features to get the best option that attracts your clientele.

Marketing funnels are beneficial for all businesses whether they are big or small. Start-ups have also benefited from creating a marketing funnel which has enabled them to grow their business and take it from a start-up to something bigger!



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