Entrepreneurial Muslim: Gems and Takeaways

By Tasnim Nazeer | Business

Mar 13


Salaam to all the Entrepreneurial Muslim community and entrepreneurs who are doing great work and achieving their goals. I will be leaving Entrepreneurial Muslim as of this week and will be focusing on my career in journalism and as a writer. I have gained a wealth of experience and gems that I would like to share with you through working with brother Aaqib.

When I first started at Entrepreneurial Muslim, almost over 2 years ago, I was totally oblivious to the variety of options available for starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur. I have learnt so much about the power of Facebook marketing, online business creation, courses and coaching, preparing for events and so much more.

Developing extensive research in the first year of working at Entrepreneurial Muslim opened up my eyes to a variety of industries and pathways that entrepreneurs can utilise. Brother Aaqib is extremely hardworking and had invested in key training and inspirational courses that were crucial for developing an entrepreneurial mindset and getting started in online business creation.

I was completely unaware that Facebook could be a powerful tool that it could help entrepreneurs spur their businesses forward just by implementing clever marketing strategies that could create conversions. By working with brother Aaqib, I was also introduced to key marketing figures whom I had never really heard of before such as Brendon Burchard and Tony Robbins.

Another aspect of Entrepreneurial Muslim which is one of the key elements is the flagship course Legacypreneur University. It was amazing to see how people were growing their own businesses online whilst managing other commitments such as family.

One thing that Legacypreneur University specialises in was helping people to start their own Muslim online business using Facebook marketing. I found this an invaluable concept and totally supported the ethos of brothers and sisters creating their own online businesses and working towards becoming financially free.

Before starting at Entrepreneurial Muslim I had no idea about marketing and the advanced topics like creating a ‘funnel’. In the initial onset of working in EM brother Aaqib would talk about funnels and I would be thinking of a funnel that you use as a kitchen utensil! Only to see that funnel was a term in marketing that would give businesses a strategy and offer products and services along the way.

I very much respect the work of brother Aaqib and would hope that anyone who will come into this role in the future will enjoy the learning experience too. I must thank brother Aaqib for enabling me to learn a lot during my time at Entrepreneurial Muslim and I wish him and Yasar all the best for the future of EM and am sure that it will grow to new heights by the grace of Almighty Allah swt.

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