Effective Communication: Attracting Prospects

By Tasnim Nazeer | Business

Mar 07


Successful businesses operate by talking effectively to prospects. Businesses need to realize that effective communication is key in attracting potential prospects. If you are an expert in your target market you can build authority and positioning by imparting your knowledge to prospects.

The most successful online businesses are aware that only a limited number of prospects will purchase their product or service or even sign on in an initial visit to their website. The task then becomes  challenging when trying to make optimum conversions.

The key to gaining more conversions through prospects is to effectively communicate with them and empathize with the pain that they are trying to find a solution to. Perhaps your product or service can deliver the solution they need, however, they may be unaware of the true benefits.

Discuss the benefits of your service and product with your prospect and align them to the fact that you want to help them achieve their goal. Essentially by communicating that you are on the ‘same team’ as your prospect and want to genuinely help them you can attract your prospects to your business.

Ask your prospect meaningful open-ended questions. Reply briefly with gratitude for them, validation for their feelings, and endorsement for their thoughts. If you begin by asking what is working well in their lives, their hardships will arise by nature.

If you speak to prospects and communicate with them effectively you can enhance your customer service and gain more sales inshaAllah. Always follow up inside twenty-four hours or the lead might go cold.

Speaking to prospects may be one of the hardest aspects of getting prospects at first, but practice and the right mindset will enable you to effectively communicate and see real results.

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