Content Creation for your Marketing Funnel

By Tasnim Nazeer | Business

Mar 09


Content creation is key to your marketing funnel and the content within your funnel needs to be well structured and clearly defined. It is therefore, important in the initial onset to structure the content of your funnel from the very beginning.

There are various stages in creating your content funnel. The first stage is to recognise the problem and identify how existing and new customers can either be sold to through the funnel or could take up an offer of an upsell.

You may want to consider using paid advertising on Google AdWords that lead visitors to a landing page with an opt-in form requesting a free online demonstration.

Guest blog posts on niche industry websites work well in promoting your product or service.

You may also want to optimize a website for keywords that indicate an information search in progress in order to capture organic search traffic.

You can develop social media posts that impart invaluable information related to your product or service.  Social media can play a crucial role in determining your target market’s needs based upon their engagement and reaction to your posts.

You can build anticipation for your product and move onto the stage of creating content for a launch.

The launch of a product or service is critical in building excitement and gaging the demand for your product or service. You could create an event for your launch and enable people to sign up through a webinar that gives more information about your upcoming product or service.

Many entrepreneurs have created launch events both online and offline for the purpose of building excitement for a product and have generated lucrative sales from doing so. Sometimes it is worth creating two events one online such as a webinar and one that is offline to network with potential clients who could work with you long term.

Start planning the content for your funnel today and implement that into your marketing funnel to see your business grow successfully insha’Allah.

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