Compelling Speech Mastery

By Tasnim Nazeer | Business

Mar 11


Do you want to master public speaking? Perhaps the role you are in requires you to give speeches to the public or even at meetings with your fellow colleagues? You may be a Founder or CEO who has great ideas but has trouble expressing them confidently in a business setting.

It can often be difficult to craft a compelling speech but here at Entrepreneurial Muslim, we will outline and talk about some conceptual things to craft compelling speeches that will really make an impact.

Speaking is the best way to spread your message where there is a stage or on video. You have to think through crafting a great speech. Overtime you will get better at crafting intelligent messages.

In the history of public speaking you will see that the best speakers are those who share a relatable message. You need to identify ways and look back at key speakers and how they build rapport.

Firstly, you could start by introducing what you do· You then ask have you ever had a challenge like and start describing to them problems, challenges that they have in their life and painting a picture of the pain that they have in their life because in this speech we are going to cover how to overcome those.

Then you put in your expert story positioning empathise with shared challenges and teach prospects about your life story. Start with your true story of humble beginnings and it demonstrates the ability to feel real.

Then talk about your search for success and tell them your search to improve your lot in life. Then provide prospects with a framework of how they can accomplish their goals and obtain the end result from this framework. It is important to demonstrate your humanity throughout your speech.

The next element is to give motivation and encouragement to your prospects about how you can provide a solution through your product or service and gain real results. These ingredients that we have discussed are the keys to a successful speech mastery.

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